World Bosses - Who Do These Guys Think They Are?  (WIP)

Tython / Ord Mantell (Repubic): None

Korriban / Hutta (Empire): None

CORUSCANT (Republic Only):  SD-0      Level:    18    Health:   191,863

  • Nearest Taxi/QT Point: Old Galactic Market
  • Patrols a platform in the Shipping & Receiving Docks area
  • Has been known to one-shot level 50s with an AOE


Dromund Kass (Empire):  The First  - Level: 18  Health: 230,235

  • Nearest Taxi/QT Point: The Wall
  • Travel south to the lake at the bottom of the map.


Balmorra (Empire): Grandfather   Level: 22 Health: 308,390


Balmorra (Republic):  NONE

TARIS (Republic): SUBJECT ALPHA     Level:       21    Health:   337,520

  •     Nearest Taxi/QT Point: Waypoint Station Draay
  •     He wanders around the neraby toxic swamp.
  •     Likes to toss people through the air.



  • Nearest QT Point: New Tarisian Dawn
  • Second Nearest Taxi/QT Point: Tower Command Station
  • Travel to the far north, click on the corpse.

NAR SHADDAA:  BATTLE DROID R4-GL       Level:    32    Health:   581,435


  • Nearest Taxi Point: Lower Industrial Section, turn left.  QT point is called Maintenance Access Corridor,  but Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse is closer.
  • Take the lower right elevator (Systech East) to the High Security Lockdown
  • Take the top, center exit to Network Security District
  • Go to the far eastern corner.
  • A lot of NPCs along the way, best to travel in a group.



TATOOINE:  TRAPJAW             Level: 30     Health:  598,105

ALDERAAN: ULGO SEIGEBREAKER      Level: 35      Health: 455,916


BALMORRA (Republic): None

QUESH: ROGUE CARTEL WARBOT      Level:     38     Health:    800,490

  •    Coordinates: X: 283, Y: 94, Center of map
  •    NPCs around the entrance

HOTH:  SNOWBLIND               Level:      44      Health:   977, 160

  •     Nearest Taxi/QT Point:   Outpost Senth
  •     Far southern end of the Glacial Fissure
  •     Summons a blinding snowstorm.

HOTH:  GARGATH            Level: 50    Health: 1,518,505

  •     Nearest Taxi/QT Point:   Jagged Plains Republic Outpost
  •     Southeastern area of Clabburn Tundra Coordinates: X: -2160, Y: 463

BELSAVIS: THE PRIMAL DESTROYER    Level:    50    Health:   484,707

  •     Nearest QT Point:  The Oasis  or  taxi to Meltwater Outpost and teleport to Frozen Transport Center
  •     For northern area of The Tomb, in the daily mission area.
  •     Has adds that need to be tanked, not killed.

VOSS:  NIGHTMARE PILGRIM – 16 Person Operation


World Bosses have a buff called "Terrifying: Only true heroes can fight this enemy."  This means you can't use a companion (They won't fight).

The Priority Mission terminal on the Fleet will give you a weekly mission called "Priority Targets" which is for any three bosses at Trapjaw and above.  You can fight and loot the boss without it, but you won't get any extra rewards.  There is also a terminal located near the speeder vendor that gives missions for special speeders, including one for the high-level world bosses.