How to get the Taunlet pet:


First you need Ice Scrabber Jerky.  This is crafted by Biochem.  I'll address making that in a separate article. 

Obtain the jerky from the GTN, or as a drop from a Hoth world boss.

You must have an NVSCCS from the vendor Lain Richi on Alderaan. 


Imperial players should start at Outpost Talarn. 

Republic players should start at Wardpost Luurdes. There's a shortcut into the Juran Mtns.  from this area.  



After obtaining these two items, travel to Hoth.   Start at Outpost Zerek (Republic) or Frostwake Outpost (Empire). 

Travel into the Glacial Fissure and go down into the Southern Trench, the area where the volcanoes are.


This is at the very bottom of the trench.  Kill those mobs guarding the entrance.   Use the Ice Scrabber Jerky. 

This is where you want to go.  Only one person at a time should go in.

When the taunlet appears you'll get red letters on your screen), target him and use the NVSCCS.

That's it! Easy peasy!