Oooh, Pretty Colors!

Wondering why you're not getting XP? Are you suffering from insta-death or mowing down NPCs like crazy?

Missions are color coded so you can check that out!

Gray: You are five or more levels over the mission. It will make you feel like Superman, but you won't get any XP.

Green: You are slightly over leveled. Piece of cake.

Yellow: You are at level, or maybe one over, the mission. You might die. This is normal!

Orange: This mission is 3-5 levels above you. You will probably die.

Red: Five or more levels over you. You will definitely die.

Color coding is also present on Resource Nodes.  Gray = no points, Red = Unable to harvest, orange will give the most points, yellow some points, and green the least amount of points.  Same with crafting schematics and crew missions.