Magenta Adegan Crystals


First... you need to go to Tatooine and find a moisture vaporator. 

There are many of these in the Jundland area, but Andree pointed out that the one lonely vaporator at Anchorhead usually has the buffl available.   Look for a glowy blue panel at the base of the vaporator.   Empire side, there are severalo vaporators in in Mos Ila, northeast of the taxi.   Otherwise, Jundland area near the Republic base is your best bet.



You will get a buff called "Sustained and Refreshed" and it lasts for 30 minutes.  So don't dwadle.  Get yourself to Hoth.

Travel to the Highmount Ridge area.  Republic players start at Outpost Senth, Imperials at Leth Outpost.

This is the mountain you're looking for!   

This view is from the north, if you're traveling along the blue line.  If you're red, look for that big structure.

Go up the mountain....

Until you get dismounted.   You'll have a debuff. 

Look in your inventory and you should have Pure Frozen Shockwater.

This doesn't have a timer on it, so you can take your time.  

Go to Ilum, and go to the Waystation of your faction.  Travel to the ruins of the Jedi Temple.

Right click on this crystal formation to summon the Force Ghost.

You can solo this at 60.  At 50, it's a group of 4.


When he's dead, a crystal formation will spawn.  Right click on this to loot your Magenta Adegan Crystal! 

Each person in your group that has a Pure Frozen Shockwater can loot.  Shockwaters are tradeable, so one person can get four and pass them out before the fight.