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re: FREE ADVICE: Gunslinger

Post your best advice on stats, gear, rotation, etc.



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re: FREE ADVICE: Gunslinger


Another spec I have been working on learning in 5.0 is Gunslinger Dirty Fighting.  Like Scoundrel Ruffian, this is among the Top 5 DPS specs in 5.0 per Bant's theorycrafting.  Dirty Fighting is not quite as good on single target and has a noticeably more difficult rotation and energy management, but makes up for it through better burst, amazing AoE, and a wide array of defensive CD's inherent to the Gunslinger class.

Class Pros

- Fantastic sustained DPS.  Dirty Fighting is among the Top 5 and has great DPS potential.  Just did a parse on the dummy with a combo of 228/230 gear and hit 7.8k.

- Great AoE DPS.  Gunslingers in general have great AoE burst with Sweeping Fire and XS Freighter Flyby.  Add in the AoE DoT spread of Vital Shot by using Shrap Bomb, and that's pretty good.

Class Cons

- Energy management can be challenging if the RNG gods are unkind to you.  You regen energy from crits of your DoTs, which seem to make the rotation tight at times.  As such, you have to be careful to not dip below 60% energy without a CD available.

- Rotation is moderately complicated.  I'll do my best to explain it below, but it can be a touch tricky.  That said, there is a natural flow to it once you practice a bit.

Rotation - Opener/General Overview

1.  Vital Shot {Dot #1}

2.  Shrap Bomb {Dot #2 - also spreads Vital Shot to anyone affected by Shrap Bomb}

3.  Hemorrhaging Blast {Buffs your Wounding Shots}

4.  Wounding Shots {Big hitter, causes all DoTs to tick and deals extra damage when Hemorrhaging Blast debuff is on target}

5.  Dirty Blast {Filler #1a - priority filler while Hemorrhaging Blast defuff is ON}

6.  Quickdraw {Filler #1b - priority filler while Hemorrhaging Blast debuff is OFF}

7.  Speed Shots {Filler #2 - does more damage than Quickdraw, used when energy is good and have 2 filler slots in rotation}

8.  Flurry of Bolts {Energy regen - may use occasionally if you dip below 60%, try to only use in place of other fillers and keep using higher priority abilities}

Rotation - Priority

Summary - The best way to think about your rotation in Dirty Fighting is several sets of 6 GCD (9s) mini-rotations.  Apart from the opener, each rotation will end (or begin that makes it easier to think about) with Wounding Shots, since the rotation revolves around that ability.

1.  Keep Vital Shot & Shrap Bomb debuffs up.  They last 24 seconds, but have a "shadow" duration for another 5-6 seconds where they will still count for Wounding Shots.  That means we refresh the DoTs every THIRD mini-rotation.  Without these DoTs up, your Wounding Shots will not do much damage and your DPS will be terrible.

2.  Use Hemorrhaging Blast on CD.  This does some damage but mainly it buffs your Wounding Shots.  It is also free so helps with energy management.

3.  Use Wounding Shots on CD.  This is your heavy hitter so hit it on CD.  It is a channeled attack so you can't move while channeling.

4.  Fillers (this actually gets a little messy but I'll explain below).

Rotation - Detail

The best way to think about the rotation is in 6 sets, per below.

0.  {Opener - these will be at the end of #3} Vital Shot > Shrap Bomb > Hemorrhaging Blast > Wounding Shots

1.  Dirty Blast > Dirty Blast > Dirty Blast > FILLER > Wounding Shots

2.  Speed Shots (2 GCD channel) > Quickdraw > Hemorrhaging Blast > Wounding Shots

3.  Vital Shot > Shrap Bomb > Dirty Blast > FILLER > Wounding Shots

4.  Repeat Set #2

5.  Repeat Set #1

6.  Repeat Set #3

So basically, you repeat the same 3 sequences but in slightly different order.  This probably seems very weird to read, but after you play a bit it isn't too difficult.

Other Tips & Tricks

- I highly recommend staying in cover as much as possible.  Timely use of Entrench and various utilities dramatically improve your damage mitigation.  Using Evasion while in cover grants an extra 75% mitigation against Force/Tech damage (whereas it only offers mitigation against Ranged/Melee outside of cover).  Most importantly for DPS, using the Hot Pursuit ability means when you have to move, you can cast 4 Dirty Blasts while moving.  Without this Utility, your on-the-move DPS is frequently limited to your base free attack.

- Use Illegal Mods as an energy cooldown to help with energy management.  I usually use it right after the Dirty Blast x 4 sequence, or right after refreshing DoTs, as those can dip your energy below 60%.

- Again, make sure to keep a close eye on your energy.  That is the biggest trick to this rotation.  For the FILLER slots above, just use your base attack at first until you get used to the rotation.  Wounding Shots and your DoTs do a huge amount of your damage so it's okay to sacrifice a sub-optimal filler to keep those on schedule.  On my dummy parse above at 7.8k, the core abilities made up almost 6k of damage (so excluding Dirty Blast, Quickdraw, Flurry Bolts, Flyby, etc.), so again clearly the core abilities are the important part if you aren't sure about energy management.

- For AoE, put Vital Shot on one target, Shrap Bomb the center of the group to spread both DoTs, cast XS Freighter Flyby, then spam Sweeping Gunfire until your energy gets low.  Awesome AoE DPS!


I hope this helps if you decide to give Dirty Fighting a try, or maybe is helpful if you already run this spec.  Catch y'all in game.

- Wyllym

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